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fees & cost

Personal Injuries cases, tort including Premises Liability, Employment Discrimination and Civil Rights cases.


Contingency basis We handle your case on contingency basis.  This means you don't have to pay us unless we settle your case or win a verdict in court.  


Cost - We can also advance the cost of your case.  Costs can include but not limited to: court filing fees, deposition costs, expert fees and expenses, investigation costs, costs of acquiring medical records and reports, etc.  You repay us after your case ends.


*Medical Malpractice cases may required up front medical expert retainer evaluation - cost/fees.

FEES for other cases - Family Law and DUI cases


Retainer fee:  $1,500- 7,500 depending on matter.  We have to review the facts first before making a determination.

Hourly charge:  $250-$275/hour for court appearances.



Personal injury: Two years from the injury. If the injury was not discovered right away, then it is 1 year from the date the injury was discovered.


Professional Malpractice: Legal malpractice, 1 year from date of discovery, to a maximum of four years from the date of the wrongful act. Medical malpractice, 3 years from the date of the injury, or one year from the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered the injury, whichever occurs first. If the medical malpractice action is based upon the presence of a foreign object found inside the plaintiff's body, the statute of limitations does not start to run until the plaintiff discovers, or should have discovered, the objects.


Government Entity cases: 6 months from date of incident you need to make a claim with the city/state/county or its agent.  After you, you will get a letter from them either accepting liability or  a  rejection of claim/you get a "right to sue" letter, you have 6 months from "right to sue" letter to file a lawsuit in court.



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