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Civil Rights


Calif. Police To Pay Man $4.15M In Police Brutality And Civil Rights Violation Case

The Vallejo Police Department has reached a settlement with Macario Dagdagan after officers entered his home without a warrant on the evening of June 2, 2007, woke him, fired a Taser at him twice and arrested him. They then proceeded to put him in a chokehold, which ruptured a disk in his vertebrae, causing paralysis and permanent damage to his spinal cord.

civil rights personal injury attorney
Areas of Law

Jaywalking Law, California Vehicle Code

What exactly is jaywalking?  Can you get monetary fine for jaywalking.  The answer is yes.  You can be fined for jaywalking.  Depending where in California you jaywalk, jaywalking laws are not heavily enforced in some cities and counties of Northern California.  However, certain city such as Berkeley and Oakland, pedestrians have been fined.  Jaywalking laws are heavily enforced in Southern California, such as Orange County, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles, the Police are fining pedestrians for jaywalking.  LAPD charging jaywalkers $191 in new crackdown since May 2010.  Either way, please be careful when crossing the streets or roads, there are more worse things that could happen than being fined.

Mold case and verdicts - widespread problems
2001- Present


• June 2004: More than 120 tenants of a Hayward apartment complex win $3.8 million in a settlement with the property owner. The plaintiffs said they suffered health problems from mold that was widespread in the complex.


• July 2002: More than 20 contractors and suppliers pay $22 million to settle with the owner of a San Diego County retirement tower. The plaintiff said mold grew after a new building technique allowed water into the walls.• June 2002: An Orange County jury orders Shea Homes to pay $7.8 million to homeowners in a Laguna Niguel development over claims of widespread mold. The case is later settled for an undisclosed amount.


• November 2001: A Superior Court jury awards a Sacramento family $2.7 million in damages for health problems they suffered from mold in their apartment.

New Policy - Allowig illegal Immigration Spouses


Hundreds of thousands ofundocumented immigrants in the United States will have an easier time gaining legal status because of a policy change from President Barack Obama's administration.


The change takes effect March 4 and is aimed at undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens, such as Xochitl Hernandez, 33, who came to the U.S. illegally 14 years ago and now lives in this Phoenix suburb.


Soon, Hernandez and other undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens will be able to apply for a special waiver instead of having to leave the country and face tough penalties before obtaining their legal papers through a U.S. citizen spouse.



The Supreme Court rejects parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a 5-4 decision, dismissing an appeal over same-sex marriage on jurisdictional grounds and ruling same-sex spouses legally married in a state may receive federal benefits. It also rules that private parties do not have "standing" to defend California's voter-approved ballot measure barring gay and lesbians couples from state-sanctioned wedlock. The ruling clears the way for same-sex marriages in California to resume.





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